Metal Detecting and Finding Nothing or Just Junk

There are times when every metal detectorist spends hours walking across fields or on beaches in all kinds of weathers and finds nothing. Then again there may be signals a plenty but having dug...and dug.... and dug again the only 'treasure' you have to show for your efforts is a bag full of scrap metal. It's a bit like fishing in that respect. You can spend hours waiting for a bite and get none at all or just something that insults you with its size or importance.

Do you ever ask yourself why you're out here in the wind and the rain for a few hours when you could be at home, in the pub, or in the cinema? Unless you're extremely lucky or you confine your detecting to sites that have been carefully researched beforehand then you will have days when you come home empty handed or find yourself making a large deposit in the nearest rubbish bin.

A couple of weeks ago I was walking over acres of arable land in Hampshire for four hours.  The wind was moderate to strong and it being February it wasn't the most pleasant of days.  The location was near an old coach road that has been in continuous use for a few hundred years at least but other than that there wasn't time to fully research the area.  Consequently I came home with nothing to show for my efforts.

Last weekend I was back on some pasture that I have visited several times before.  It's flat and therefore easy going to walk on.  There's no shortage of signals of various types and within an hour I had dug about 14 holes but found nothing but trash - the assorted junk dropped by farmers and riders in the last few decades.  Perhaps I should start a scrap metal business!  I persevered for another hour but by then I'd decided that enough was enough for the day and I'd head home to clean my tools.

Such days are inevitable.  You can't be successful each and every time, and even though it can seem that it's always the other guy that's having all the luck remember that he or she will have had days just like those described above.  They won't tell you about the bags of trash that they've dug out of the ground, only the items of interest or value, but they will have had disappointing days too.

You can increase your chances of success and save yourself a lot of effort by doing more research, being more discerning about the land on which you detect, and by learning all you can about your detector.  However, the temptation is always there to "go out and see how I get on" so if you detect in that way you must be prepared to put up with a few days of drawing blanks.


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